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    Unanswered: MS SQL Server vs.IBM Universe

    Not sure if I am posting this in the right area. I have been assigned as a project leader for a new software project that will control all aspects of our business. I am mildly familiar with databases and how they work. We are a internet based retailer with 25 million $ in annual sales with the anticipation of growing that number 4 fold within 5 years. Our website is currently run on a SQL database. The two platforms we are considering include a custom application that is built on SQL. The other option is a product that is used in fields similiar to ours but the company has limited experience in creating a application to coexist with our Web data. This product will be tailored to fit our needs. My real question is how does Universe compare to SQL. Is there anything I should be concerned with eitheir database? Thank you for your input as this issue has divided the ranks on this project.

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    Don't know much about UniVerse.

    As with most established relational databases they can cope with most requirements if designed and implemented properly. The most important feature is the experience of the team.

    There is a lot to be said for sticking to a single platform as this does not dilute the expertise - and means that you don't need to hire two sets of experienced staff.

    Anyone who has spent several years dedicated to implementation on a single platform is likely to be more competent than someone who claims equal expertise in several as long as they have had exposure to several systems and environments.

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