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Thread: add-only table

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    Unanswered: add-only table

    I am not sure what the proper technical term is for what I am looking for so I did not know how to find it in archives or a FAQ.

    Does any product out there support a table-level feature where records can be added but not modified or deleted? This would include the DBA. It is simply a feature of the table.

    I figured Oracle would have this if anybody did. What is the name of this feature?


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    I don't know if a specific feature deals with this, you would generally handle this via schema's. It is usually bad form to have applications running or connecting as table owner (ie in the schema in which the table was created). Instead create another schema with insert only priviledges to the table.

    grant insert on tableowner.tablename to tableinserter;

    This way applications connecting as 'tableinserter' have no rights to update/delete on the table.

    For additional security you can create a before update or delete trigger on the original table which just raises an exception.


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