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    Unanswered: Button does not work on web page?

    I just made a very simple FMP file, which is to say it has one button on it that performs one function which is to "beep". It works fine when I am in Browse mode, but when I go to the database online, the button does not work.

    Prefrences-> Application -> Web Conpanion I have Instant Web Publishing enabled, and I have security set up to use Web Security.fp5

    Web Security has a password for the data base, a user name and pss word and all user permissions selected.

    Under sharing, I have Web Companion selected.

    When I go to my IP address, I can see links for my newly created data base, and when I click the link I am taken to the data base and I can see the button. But nothing happens when I click it. It is like it just shows up as a graphic.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Button does not work on web page?

    I think this is because only a few of the script steps work with IWP. They are the following.

    Got to Record Request page

    Goto Field

    New Record/request

    Enter Find mode

    Show All records

    Perform Find

    Exit Record (this is how you save with IWP)


    Delete Record

    View As

    Enter Browse mode

    Open help

    Open Document

    Open URL

    Goto related record.

    One way to get around your problem may be to make your button open a URL which on which you can play a sound automatically using HTML.

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