I have a SQL 2000 database with a VB6 front end. The VB 6 front end uses DAO 3.51. Setting up my ODBC / DSN to the database works fine, however when I perform an INSERT or UPDATE function to the SQL 2000 DB via my VB front end I get the "ODBC call failed" message. Funny thing is this only happens with certain of the login names on SQL (seems when the login name is longer than 8 or 10 characters. With a short login name verythng works fine). I am able to perform the INSERT / UPDATE fine using SQL Query Analyzer with the long login names, however it fails through VB. I also tried this with various different VB systems and SQL 2000 databases - it fails with all of them when the login name is longer than 8 / 10 characters

Let me note:
This VB app worked fine for almost 2 years on a SQL 7 database
All the PC's have the same version of MDAC, O/S, service packs, etc.

I searched the web in vain - someone PLEASE HELP!