I am having problems with my MS SQL database. I am running windows server 2003. I have installed SQL server 2000 and upgraded with MSDE SP3. I downloaded 3 files from microsoft`s site a few days ago, so I think everything is installed correctly. I downlaoded sql2kasp3.exe, sql2ksp3.exe, SQL2KDeskSP3.exe and installed them.
My SQL service manager is running, and when I start enterprise manager everything seems to be ok. The name of the server is called NORDBOH-MAIN, and I have made a databasetable called "pubs" where I have inserted some values. The problem is when I try to access the database trough a website.

I am running Visual studio .NET and are using ASP.NET and C#. The connection string is;
String strConnection = "server='local)\\nordboh-main'; database=pubs; integrated security=true;";
I think the connectionstring is correct, because whatever I change it to, the same error message is displayed. So I fell that the error has to do with some settings in enterprise manager?

In enterprise manager I have tried to create a new user so the website shall have access to the database, but that haven`t helped.
I created a user called ASPNET which shall have access to the database. ASPNET is the one I should use is`nt it?
Have also tried to create the user "ASPNET" with a passwod, and then change the connection string to;
String strConnection="server='(local)\\nordboh-main'; UID=ASPNET;pwd=XXXXX; database='pubs'";
But exactly the same error message is displayed, SQL server does not exist...

Anyone know what may be wrong here? I hade some similar problems when I was running windows XP. If I remember correctly I solved it by adding the user ASPNET in enterprise manager.

Hoping for an answer

Halvor Nordbø