For backuping I do the following settings:
1. I schedule the task by : "Occurs every 1 day(s), every 1 hour(s) between 12:00:00 pm and 11:59:59 am."
2. Setting the "Destination Backup to" to a certain location (E:\backup\myDB).
3. I select "Backup set will expire" on the Options tab.
4. I set it to expire in 1(one) days and checked "Check media set name and backup set expiration" and leave Media set name empty.
5. Clicking Ok button.
After several days, I run "Restor Database..." but I see that all the backups from past days(24 backups for each day) are still available, while it is expected to expire the past days backups and it causes to expand the size of the backup file.
What is the problem?