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    Unanswered: In DTS, I cannot see tables from DB2. SQL error 206

    1. My objective is to copy database from AS400 to SQL, then from SQL to AS400.

    2. I was able to copy from AS400 to SQL.

    3. My problem is how to copy from SQL to AS400

    In Transform Data Task, Source Tab, Table/View. I cannot see tables from DB2, as a workaround I typed Select command in SQL Query and it works to copy database from AS400 to SQL. But I guess workaround is not possible for SQL to AS400.

    Whenever I open Transform Data Task this error message appear:
    Package Error, Error Source: Microsoft DB2 OLE DB Provider, Error Description: SQLCODE 206. (I checked the meaning of 206 = columns does not exist in any table in the Select)

    AS400 V4R2, Windows 2000 Server, SQL 2000, Microsoft OLE DB Provider for DB2

    This is my 1st time in the forum, "Shukran" or thanks to anyone who will reply.

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    Originally posted by grofaty

    Please give more info about version of db2 you have, operating system name and version, etc.

    Please also read the Must Read before posting for more tips how to write efficient question.

    Hope this helps,

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