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    Unhappy Unanswered: Lock MouseWheel


    I'm using the MouseHook.dll to stop the MouseWheel messing with the Data in my Access Form. It works quite well as long as TextFields, ComboBoxes or TextAreas have the Focus. But when my Register or CheckBoxes/OptionBoxes get the Focus, you are able to scroll through the Records (which is annoying) again .
    I took the Focus of the CheckBoxes and OptionBoxes when they got it, but Register does not provide the ".gotFocus" Function. Is there another (easy if possible for I'm not too familiar with Access) way to solve that problem (I checked out a MouseWheel.dll Example but the Code was so difficult I couldn't apply it to my database)

    Or does anyone know where to get the code for the MouseHook.dll so I maybe can change it so that it also works for CheckBoxes, OptionButtons and Registers???

    Thanks for your help!


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    MouseWheel using MouseHook.DLL

    Regarding the MouseWheel and attempting to employ the MouseHook.DLL approach, I have a similar problem and would appreciate and thoughts and help:
    1. In a simple form based on a single table, the MouseWheel DOES turn off if the requisite code () is included in the FormLoad procedure. just adding a Command Button without any code and clicking on it in Form View, the MouseWheel turns back on. And, even if one puts the requisite code() in the Command Button Click procedure and clicks on the button in Form view, the MouseWheel still stays on.
    2. In a more complicated Form, which includes an ActiveX calendar object and the requisite code() in the Form Load procedure, without any user involvement the MouseWheel does NOT go off. If the Calendar is removed, the MouseWheel does go off until the user moves the cursor to a final Command Button when, by just giving the Command Button focus, the MouseWheel turns back on.

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