I am currently running two separate oracle databases on two server TR1 and TR2. Oracle 8.1.5

I am currently trying to get my Oracle Enterprise Manager (2.0.4) Console to export.

Progress so far I have created a new domain account and also created to new users for TR1 and TR2 they both have the same usernames and passwords as the domain account. The domain account has batch job rights and has access to the temp folder. The new account has the rights of a domain user and an administrator.

The account has been assigned the role of DBA in both TR1 and TR2.

All the usernames in the system/ preferences in OEM console as been change to the username and password of the new account.

The SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES were all set on NTS, so nothing needed changing.

I am still getting problems on TR1 and TR2. All permissions seem to be correct.

But as soon as I try and run an export on either database the screen freezes and the console will not allow me to use me mouse it beeps everytime I try and click on the console. I have to open a program like oracle application manager using the keyboard function and then everything goes back to normal. Very odd.

If I check the job history the job failed log seem to come up on the same second that I activate the job.

1. So the preferred credentials appear to be correct.
2. The correct permissions has been given to the OS user.
3. Permissions given to the os user to access the "TEMP" file

Could it have something to do with the Intelligent agent service????

Lots of people seem to have had this error but solved it by doing 1 or all of the three things above.

Any thoughts