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    Unanswered: MSDE 2000 on top of Office 2002

    I have a company PC preloaded with:
    - Win-2000 SP4
    - Access/Excel 2002 (10.x) SP-2

    I need to install MSDE, and I have the Office 2000 CD. The queostion is: would MSDE cause a regression in Access and Excel ?

    I understand why MSDE is packaged together with Office. But I hope they do not use too many common resources (e.g. DLLs). Otherwise, isntalling MSDE 200 would throw Access/Excel back to the 2000 level.

    Is MSDE really independent of the version of Office running on the same machine ?

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    It should not affect your office installation at all because MSDE has nothing to do with office. All it is, is a data engine like SQL Server so it is like installing SQL Server 7.0 on the machine.
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