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    Unanswered: I can't figure out how to create this kind of query

    Right now I have a relational database that has one 'report number' associated with multiple 'Sample ID's'. I have no problem making the nice reports with the multiple sample ID's on them ,

    But I also need to create a query/Table that will show the values of the multiple sample id's in their own column. I tried cross tabs, but all it allows me to do is avg, min max etc. I need to show each value for the sample ID not just the min max or whatever.

    Attached: the top of the jpeg shows the crosstab query i have created. You can see that I can only get one value for the column lableled '7'. I need to show 1 to 3 values. see next jpeg to see why.

    the bottom of th jpeg shows the format I need to get this into. It is a pre-existing excel spreadsheet that is used for calculations etc. note the 3 columns for 7days, and 28 days. I need to get me query to work so that I can populate this table. I just can't figure out how. I bet it is simple but my brain is fried.

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