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    Question Unanswered: SP Debugger Ignores Break Ponits

    Finally I decided to try use the Query Analyzer SP debugger, I did very well without it so far but I guess you have to move with the times.

    Anyway it seems to be running well no messages or anything and yet the procedure executes completely, as if there are no break points.

    there step in-out-over buttons are all disables and seem to blink for a while when the debugger quickly goes through the code without stopping.

    How can I make it stop, step into, notice the break points?

    Did anyone encounter this problem before?

    Is that solvable?

    Should I go back to debug prints?



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    Is anyone even using it? I have yet to meet a developer that does. If you find it helpful, post back and maybe I'll check it out in more depth.

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