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Thread: MySQL for free?

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    Unanswered: MySQL for free?

    Im searching for a SQL server that is free.

    I have programed a ASP system that Im now intend to sell.

    But the problem is that it needs to run on SQL and therefor im searching for a SQL server that is free to use.

    And I found out that MySQL is free.

    Now Im wondering if I can use this for the ASP system I intend to sell?

    I wont make any money on MySQL, becaus the costumers will pay for the ASP and not the SQL. Is this possible?

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    yes. this is common.

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    It depends exactly how you deploy your software. If you distribute your code on its own, then include instructions as to how the end user must configure MySQL to enable the 2 to work together correctly this is ok (like vBulletin for example). You can't include MySQL in a distributable package that has to be paid for. If this is what you want, you must purchase a liscense.

    Basically, if your package is 100% GPL you can use MySQL for free, otherwise you have to pay.

    MySQL Licensing

    Selling products that use MySQL

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    Thanks Matt for your links ... Please help in my situation

    I'm involved in developing a product to be used by small sized companies with mobile workforce as a means of exchanging data .. The product will be in two parts . The application on the laptops ... This will be using Access database ...

    At the server, we were thinking of using MySQL .. The server database will be accessed over the network by people in the office using a client application ....

    We do not intend to modify MySQL code or ship it along with the product ... In practise, considering our target audience, we may be in a position to provide them with MySQL installation files and/or provide instructions to install the same ...

    Please guide on how we are placed with MySQL License ...


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