I have a Access database for an Engineering company that requires some graphing.
6 143.2704949
6.4 137.7039787
6.8 132.6721976
7.2 128.0966226
7.6 123.9138223
8 120.0719439
8.4 116.5281445
8.8 113.2466839
9.2 110.1974869
9.6 107.3550454
I know from the calculation that along with the graph of this data I want a vertical line at X = 8 and a horizontal line at Y = 120.07... As easy as this intuitively seems, MS Graph seems to force me to have as many colums of Y values as I want but only one column of X values. This makes it so that I can add a column with all the same number in it to create my horizontal line, but it does not allow for the vertical line. I tried exporting the data to Excel but since Excel also seems to only use a slightly different version of MS Graph so this did not help. Is there annother application I should export this data to? Is there any way to do what i'm asking? I'm not expecting many people in a Access forum use graphs in this manner, but any advice would help. Thank.