Basically, lets clarify what I need to do here.

I have the .dbf database file (still not sure what format, as even though, I can link it using the ODBC Fox Pro Drivers, I can only do this when it looks in a free table directory, as apposed to actual visual fox pro database. What other databases have got .dbf extensions</b>. The file in question is available at Its callers.dbf. The calls .dbf file lets me connect directly, but the callers.dbf doesn’t. (By that, I can just use link tables, select .dbf files, and it links). With callers.dbf, it says "Unrecognized Database format". Everything used to link with Access 97, but when I upgraded to Office XP, things started to go wrong.

So, I don’t actually have to link to the file, I just need to update is data every so often. The data is being updated from another table? So, can, and how can I write some VB code to update this table, and connect to it directly in code, as apposed to setting up a permanent connection. THe table its being updated from is called "dir check", and that updates the callers.dbf table/db. THe fields to update each other are,

[dir check].[caller] = [callers].[hphone] and
[dir check].[name] = [callers].[short ID]

The below code is that was used when the database was in access 97 format

UPDATE DISTINCTROW [dir check] INNER JOIN [callers+] ON [dir check].[short ID] = [callers+].name SET [callers+].hphone = [dir check].[caller], [callers+].name = [dir check].[short ID]
WHERE ((([callers+].name) Is Null)) OR ((([callers+].name) Not Like [dir check].[short ID]));

More detilas can be given to specific questions!!