Environment:Windows xp home, mdac 2.8 ,Vb 6.0, Db2 Version 7 fix pack 1
i suffer a memory leak when running the following pgm:
every time i display an article using the 'V' selection i see the memory
usead by the pgm increased by 4kb to 12 kb.
i first suspected the mdac component,so i installed the 2.8 version
but the problem is still present.
Anyone can help me ?
this is the involved code :

the connection parameters:

Dim Cn As New adodb.Connection
Dim rs As New adodb.Recordset
Dim cmd As New adodb.Command
Dim ErrSql As adodb.Error
Public Const DB2 = "Provider=IBMDADB2.1;Data Source=DBstore;Persist Security

Public Connect As String
Connect = DB2
Cn.Mode = adModeRead
Cn.CursorLocation = adUseServer
Cn.ConnectionTimeout = 5
Cn.Open (Connect)
Set cmd.ActiveConnection = Cn
rs.LockType = adLockReadOnly
rs.MaxRecords = 0
rs.CacheSize = 1
rs.CursorType = adOpenForwardOnly

the code:
Case "V"
cmd.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM Prodotti WHERE articolo = " & Articolo
Set rs = cmd.Execute(, , adCmdText)
Call Associa
Call Formatta
Call Dissocia
Call Chiudi
If txtArticolo.Text = Empty Then
Call Dissocia
txtArticolo.Text = Articolo
MsgBox Inesistente
End If

Public Sub Associa()
Set txtArticolo.DataSource = rs
Set txtDescrizione.DataSource = rs
Set MskDate.DataSource = rs
Set txtPrezzo.DataSource = rs
Set txtGiacenza.DataSource = rs
Set txtScorta.DataSource = rs
Set txtLotto.DataSource = rs
AssociaOk = True
End Sub
Public Sub Dissocia()
Set txtArticolo.DataSource = Nothing
Set txtDescrizione.DataSource = Nothing
Set MskDate.DataSource = Nothing
Set txtPrezzo.DataSource = Nothing
Set txtGiacenza.DataSource = Nothing
Set txtScorta.DataSource = Nothing
Set txtLotto.DataSource = Nothing
AssociaOk = False
End Sub

Public Sub Chiudi()
Set rs = Nothing
End Sub
__________________________________________________ __
thank in advance