I developed an application using Microsoft Visual FoxPro 7. The database files are in a server running Linux with Samba and arround 50 computers running Microsoft Windows XP use the system daily without problems.

Suddenly, one of the dbf files lost 21 records, those 21 records were inputed in that day and if I check using the browse command I can see that there is no information (zeros and blank spaces) but if I check the content of every character field I can see extrange characters.

This problem has happened twice, in both cases I was not able to recover the information from a back up because my back up process runs at night and the problem happens with records inputed few hours before. I do not know the reason of this problem, I was looking on the Internet a solution to fix it but I was not able to find an answer, does someboby have an idea regarding to this issue?

Thanks and best regards.

Roberto Rangel.