Dear Forum Members,

I have the following MDX Requirement

I have a PRODUCT dimension. It's levels are CATEGORY->SUBCATEGORY->PRODUCT

The lowest level, which is the PRODUCT has a property called SU (a numeric value)

I have a CUBE and a regular measure VOLUME (which is rolled up for higher levels)

I wish to create a calculated member named SU_CALC which is essentially volume * SU from the product table. I know that this value is fetched and applicable only for the lowest level of the PRODUCT dimension.

However, I would like to ROLL up this value to higher levels i.e. to SUBCATEGORY and CATEGORY levels.

If I use the DESCENDANTS function at any level, I can get a list or set of all the leaves of that level. Now I want to SUM the volume*SU for each leaf in that set.

Appreciate your help if you can provide me a pseudocode for the same
or is there a better way of looking at this problem?