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    Unanswered: compound word in stoplist

    Hi all,
    I am new with Ora9i ultrasearch, I wonder that if a compound word can appear in my stoplist? Anyone has used this tool of Ora9i, please answer me asap,
    I will deem hightly to your reply,

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    Arrow Oracle 9i Ultrasearch

    I would try and find the solution to your problem asap.
    I havent really worked on Ultrasearch though, but just downloaded the PDF for the same.
    It is a nice technology for searching stuff.
    I recently developed a online policy system, with the capability of searching, updating, adding policy documents for the intranet. It seems like the same concept though.

    Oracle Ultra Search solves the problem of finding relevant information across your organization¿s many disparate repositories of information. Ultra Search is an out-of-the-box application built on Oracle 9i and the Oracle Text technology to provide uniform search-and-locate capabilities over multiple repositories ¿ Oracle databases, other ODBC compliant databases, IMAP mail servers, HTML documents served up by a Web server, files on disk, and more. Ultra Search uses a web-crawler to index documents; the documents stay in their own repositories, and the crawled information is used to build an index that stays within your firewall in a designated Oracle9i database; you get a portal search across all your content assets without re-architecting your IT topologies, without compromising security, or requiring special programming. Oracle Ultra Search ships with Oracle's Collaboration Suite, and also with the database and the application server (as part of Oracle Portal).

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