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    Unanswered: doubt

    i have a doubt
    if two concurrent users are trying to do some manipulation on the same record at same time like selection or updation..whose
    request will be forwarded first

    i want to know the network management..
    could u plz tell me some important topics or sites relalted
    to this

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    selecting data wont cause locking, both users can view the data without blocking the other and even if one user is updating the record the other can still select data from the record as oracel will construct a copy of the row as it was before the update (providing the user modifying hasnt committed yet). If both users try to update the record the first one to do the update will lock the record and the second user wont be allowed to update it until the first person has committed.

    This is unlike most other databases where readers may block other readers and writers will block other readers and writers.


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