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    Unanswered: Crystal Reports Active X

    I have an Access database (XP) from which I created
    several Crystal Reports (8.5) because Access would not
    handle all the fields required for the reports. I may have
    gone about this backwards because now that I have started
    investigating how to be able to view the reports in Access
    I find that one actually must create the reports through
    Access when using the Wizard. If so then hopefully this
    will be a simple copy/paste procedure once I get into it.

    The problem is that once I started up the Crystal Report
    Wizard and chose the query from which I wanted to create
    the first report, I was asked to enter a database
    password. My database does not have a password. I have
    searched for a means to handle this but to no avail. Has
    anyone experienced this problem before?

    Or better yet, what I really need to do is view the
    reports from within Access using the Crystal Active-X.
    I've been over the Accocx97.mdb example on how to set up a
    CR in Access, however in XP I don't see a place to put the
    file name of the report.

    I'm hoping someone can help me real quick as I've already
    wasted too much time re-doing these reports in Crystal
    after having found out that Access won't handle them.


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    You will have to write code to achieve this.

    I assume you have a form with the activex control on it(Let's call the control AXCrystal)

    On the Open event of the form add the following.

    AXCrystal.ReportSource = "C:\ReportLocation....."

    Hope this helps
    JJ Kennedy
    Double J IT Solutions

    VB 6, VB.NET, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access

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    Actually I got a Type Mismatch error with that. I'm beginning to think it's an Active X problem - like maybe I'm using the wrong thing, although it has the appearance of a crystal viewer.

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