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    Question Unanswered: creating a table with subform data as additional fields

    I am looking to create a table from a form and a subform, but I need to have the subform values added on as extra fields in the new table.

    Any ideas?

    Ex: Parent form has one 'report number' - Child form has multiple 'sample id's'. I need certain sampe id values added to the table.

    SampID Date 7 days
    0164 02/11/2003 5410
    0164 02/11/2003 5690
    0164 02/11/2003 5660

    I need one Samp ID column and 3 column for each value in '7days'
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    Won't it be simpler to write a Cross-tab query to achieve this.
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    Originally posted by machado
    Won't it be simpler to write a Cross-tab query to achieve this.
    I tried cross tab, but all it gives me is "first, last, avg etc." i need each of the values in column "7" to have its own column.

    ex: instead of this...

    Report num SampID 7 day
    0164 01 5410
    0164 02 5690
    0164 03 5660

    I want this:

    Report num 7day 7day 7day
    0164 5410 5690 5660


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