We have Oracle where I work at and we have been having problems with the server logging RDR 3013 errors in the system log whenever we have users reading and writing data to and from the Oracle Database at the same time. This also makes it so that no one can hit that server until I have rebooted it. This has been going on for a year now and with all of the people that I have spoken to about this problem, no one has seemed to help me in fixing it. My question pertains to the Oracle Service name "TCP-LOOPBACK.WORLD. I want to find out what it's purpose is and how important it is for Oracle to perform properly. I noticed that it is using the IP address of Now I go and check the Listeners section and I don't see any addresses setup for this IP for the TCP protocol on port 1521. I setup a different Oracle server using version and check the listeners’ section in the Net8 Assistant and I find the on TCP port 1521. This is the IP that the TCP-LOOPBACK.WORLD service name uses. If there isn't a listener setup for the TCP-LOOPBACK.WORLD setup could this cause Oracle to freak out when users are reading and writing to the Database at the same time? I would appreciate any help that I could get. Thanks!