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    Unanswered: Runaway Database heap size

    After reading the performance thread I ran the Performance tuning
    wizard on my database. I mistakenly set the target memory to
    75% (or 750 MB) the first time thru and now I can't seem to
    get it set back. I have gone thru again many times setting it to
    25%, and when I apply the changes and start/stop db2 and db2admin
    it comes up with even more heap size each time. There are
    two db2syscs.exe provesses that have normal amounts of memory
    when I bring up db2, however the moment I bring up the command
    or control center, a third pops up with 750MB of VM. The wizard
    days the currrent heap size is 1073742424 and suggests 1006.
    It doesn't seem to apply it correctly warns there is not enough
    space to increase the buffer pools due to other settings. If I manually
    try and set the heap size with the configure option, it says it is set
    to 600. I would really not like to have to drop the database and
    start over so any help would be welcome.

    I had also done a few runstatistics to see if I could boost performance.
    Oddly enough I have lowered performance by about 50% with this
    heap size problem

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    I believe there is way to set the performance parameters to the default values.

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    Originally posted by Marcus_A
    I believe there is way to set the performance parameters to the default values.
    reset db cfg for
    reset dbm cfg


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