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    Unanswered: Capturing information seperated by empty cells?

    I need to copy notes on different "opportunities" underneath the corresponding opportunity name in another worksheet. The name and order of the opportunites is the same but one list has alot more information so they are not the same line numbers.

    A seperate cell is used for each note. The note is three cells long, for a date, name of the person who made the note, and content of the note.

    Some "opportunities" have several notes, others have none. If there are no notes, the "Notes" heading will not even appear.

    There are other values underneath the opportunity name, but the name is a 12 point font while the other info is 8 pt font.

    So basically I need to find an opportunity name, if there is a "notes" field below it then the script needs to capture that heading and determine how many notes are under that heading, perhaps searching on if that type is numeric/date. It captures the notes heading with the info, finds the opportunity in the other worksheet, creates the appropriate number of lines in another record, and dumps the data in the new lines.

    If the script runs into another 12 pt font then thats means another opportunity has been named, and it needs to look for notes on that opportunity.

    Im not sure how to qualify this kind of search, if you read this far congratulations!

    Opportunity name in 12 pt font
    Random information
    More random information
    Date Created Creator: Note:
    7/30/2003 blah blah blah

    7/30/2003 blah blah blah

    7/30/2003 blah blah blah
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