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    hi everyone,

    Perhaps anybody can help me with this question. I use paradox 10 to run my company billings such as issuing, printing, as well as making reports. I need to make a summary report of my periodical sales. I could manage to get a sum amount of the whole billings in the report. However, my question is, there are some cancelled billings in the table and I do not know how to omit those transactions in my report. If I were to delete those cancelled bills, yes I will come up with a true net sales in the summary report. But I need to keep those transactions as reference.

    I would be very grateful to any of your help on this issue. Could it be setting the amount in a cancelled bill as false so the counting will omit it ?

    Thank you for your attention.

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    You could attach your report to a query and in the query omit all canceled records.

    You could create a calculated field which
    Order Value where (Oder Value = IIF ( Order Status = Cancelled, 0, Order Field Value). And create a summary on that field in your report.

    finally you can write code which Sums the values only iif The Order status is not Cancelled.

    Those are not the only three alternatives but are the quickest which come to mind. The last code needs some object pal experience the others are easy.

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    Thank you very much for your reply. I will study more on the procedures you have suggested. It is not easy to understand for me but I will try. Thanks.

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