I am currently only connecting to 2 outside SQL DB's using
Enterprise Manager. I have had no problems with either
account as of last Thursday. I started my system up after
4 days out of town and found that I could not connect to
either DB, always getting the following error "Sql Server
does not exist or access denied"

- I have since re-installed SQL Server added the SQL3
service pack.
- Installed and run Netshield to check for viruses "which
showed none".
- I deleted and recreated both accounts multiple times.
- Have checked and am sure that both of the host SQL
Servers are up and running and accessable from other
- I installed SQL Server on the other machine on my home
network and recreated the same problem. I am however able
to connect to the other local machines SQL Server.

The only thing I can think of is a recent download of
windows service pack 4 or perhaps my Internet Provider no
longer allowing the use of port 1443.

Please help, project deadline becoming oh so close.