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    Unanswered: monitoring sql server

    I have to save all the access to the SQL server, so I'm using traces. I use stored procedures (xp_trace_addnewqueue,xp_trace_setqueuedestination , etc...). I want to save all data in a remote table in other server. I have spent a lot of time trying it by I cant do it, the stored procedure xp_trace_setqueuedestination don´t create the table in the remote server. Need I a special account to do this in the remote server?

    Other question: SQL Server is too expensive to buy another license Can I use another sever to saves this data, as PostgreSQL or MySQL ?


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    Why not get the data into a local table first, then copy it to the other server through another means, like bcp etc. which may allow you to move it to other platforms?

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