I am creating a form in MS word with drop-down menus.

Right now I'm going into each drop-down list and updating it in Word.

My project is getting a little more complex, for example, I want a list of faucets (I work in construction): Kohler, Moen, Grohe. Ideally I want all of these in a main Access database. I need the access database tied into the word document so that when the user clicks the pull-down menu, the contents of a column of the database appears and they can select the manufacturer.

That was Part 1.

Part 2 is that I need a second pull down menu to contain the product line of each of the companies. So, the user first selects the manufacturer, let's say Moen, then the second pull-down menu has the Moen product line, which I would have in another database.

I'm kind of new to integrating Word with databases. I just wrote my first macro about an hour ago.

If anyone knows of a tutorial, or has a good example for me to look at, it would be appreciated.