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    Unanswered: postgres and access


    I'm trying to create a backend postgres database in order to provide data for a frontend Access database.
    unfortunately, I can't remove the Access database and replace it by the postgres database.
    what I'd like to do is to run access queries to postgres views
    but I have performances problems :
    Despite the postgres tables are very huge ( from 300000 rows to 10 million rows,more than 50 colums, and I can't alter them) I thought the postgres server would create the views quickly but on the contrary, it works very slowly, it takes more than one hour to fullfill a view !
    I tried different configurations of the postgres ODBC driver, but nothing changes...
    what can I do to improve the performances ?
    or is postgres unable to hang on with huge tables and views ?
    that would surprise me...

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    First off, it sounds like your database needs to be better-normalized ... but that's not possible in this case if you can't alter the tables -or- the views .... This is a tough one to answer without seeing your data or queries, but I know pg can handle databases that size without much problem if they're properly optimized.

    My first guess off the top of my head is that your DB isn't properly indexed.

    I don't want to repeat what's already out there, so I'll point you to (specifically the "Optimising" section.)

    And (a good site explaining the basics of how one person optimized his db).

    Sounds like what you really need is some good DB overhaul work tho.

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    Thumbs up Try OPenOffice

    Openoffice could be a berrter backend for a postgresql database ! with the possibility to run queries :
    Open up
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