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    Unanswered: DB2 newbie ....need config help

    Hello all - as you can see, I'm new to the world for DB2. I have alot ton of experience with Informix, and Oracle, so I should be able to pick this up quickly.

    The first question I have is regarding the configuration of the instance. Running db2set -all I get the following output:

    [i] DB2COMM=tcpip
    [g] DB2SYSTEM=sf-pqa-histo01
    [g] DB2ADMINSERVER=dasadmin

    However, I see that there are a ton of other variables that need configuring. Can someone point in the right direction as to which of these DB2xxx variables are more important to set?

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    Beyond the ones you have mentioned, I do not think I have personally set any of the others. The defaults seem fine to me so far.

    That being said, you can find all the parameters documented in detail in the "Administration Guide: Performance" manual.


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    Many of the other paramters are performance related. I would read Chapter 13. Configuring DB2, of the "Administration Guide: Performance."

    Before manually changing any parameters, I would first use the Performance Configuration Wizard (using the Control Center GUI) to get a good starting point:

    1. Expand the object tree until you see the Databases folder.
    2. Right-click the instance or database you want to change, and select Configure
    Performance Using Wizard from the pop-up menu.
    3. Click on each page and change information as required.
    4. Click on the Results page to review you work and apply any suggested
    configuration parameters.
    5. When you are finished applying updates, click Finish.

    There is also a command line version of the wizard.

    The most important performance consideration using the wizard is to know what percent of system memory you want to allocate to DB2. I would choose between 50% and 75% depending on how much memory you have and what other processes are running.

    The wizard will get you off to a good start and you can fine tune from there once you learn more about the tuning parameters.

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    some useful commands

    Here are some good status commands you will use a lot:

    Get Database Config Parameters

    db2 get db cfg for yourdb

    Get Database Manager Config Parameters

    db2 get dbm cfg

    Most configuration items are in these two commands

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    Re: DB2 newbie ....need config help

    To start with, most of the variables are OK ...

    In addition to the db2set parameters you have mentioned, if you are using SQL Stored Procs, you may need DB2 _SQL_COMPILER_PATH variable set ...

    Other parms that may need configuring are the SVCENAME and SYSADM_GROUP ...


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