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Thread: db2 crash

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    Unanswered: db2 crash

    I have been 'watching over' around 80 db2 databases for different clients.

    In case any db2 crash that has happened already ,how do I know when I go to a particular server. On NT machines, can I know from the services window by verifying whether DB2-DB2 is running, or is there any other way to know about it. What is the best way to keep track of it.

    Could some one give some idea about any alert script so that I'll be able to know as soon as db2 crashes.


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    I think you are trying to solve the problem in wrong way. If your DB2 databases crashes on regular basis you need to find what make the crash. First of all see the db2diag.log file for any errors. You can also install fixpacks or consult the IBM.

    Fixpack page for DB2 v8.1

    Hope this helps,

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