I have a report that is launched from a form, in the form
you can pick the region whose information you want to
display. The report that is returned includes a pie-chart.
There is a maxium of 5 slices that make up the chart (A-
E), and each slice is given a different color by
selecting 'vary colors by slice'.

While Region1 has values for each of the 5 slices, Region2
has some null values so that only A, C, and E make up the
pie-chart). The problem lies in the colors; because B has
no value, C becomes the second value and takes the second
color in the scheme. See below:

A = 20 = blue
B = 20 = red
C = 20 = green
D = 20 = yellow
E = 20 = purple

A = 50 = blue
C = 30 = red
E = 20 = green

I would like the color values to be consistent for each of
the regions, so A is always blue, B always red, and so on.

I tried to cheat by adding negligible data for B and C in
Region2, but because the percentage was 0, is left them
out anyways.

Is there any way to overcome this problem?


- Iain