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    Unanswered: automate printing of tif images - Windows XP

    I am looking for the simplest way to automate the
    printing of multiple tif images. I had been using the
    Kodak/Wang Image controls, but they no longer come with
    XP and although it seems like you could still use them I
    have been having problems getting it to work.

    Really all I want to do is programmatically send (copy?)
    the tif file to the default printer. I am able to get
    the default printer name, but I don't seem to be able to
    figure out how to send the file there. Any ideas?


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    Did you solve this one?

    Sent you an email through this site, but I'm not quite sure whether that will actually get to you.

    I am working on this same issue and have basically surmised that the only way to get around the annoying lack of effort Microsoft put into their Windows Picture and Fax Viewer is to use ShellExecute and the PrintTo verb (since they didn't enable Print for this app).

    If you have a working solution I'd love to see it!

    Good Luck!

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