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    Post Unanswered: Microsoft SQL server 2000

    I connect to SQL2000 database by Visual Basic. It run well on OS 98 and 2000 but it can't run on window XP with the same configure(MDAC, Visual Basic, Service Pack Version).
    The error occurs when the default database(Initial Catalog) changed as the following code:

    SqlCnn as new adodb.connection "Connection String" ' Default database is "Product"
    SqlCnn.Default Database = "Customer" ' Error occurs at this line of code.

    Do you have any ideas to solve this problem?
    thank you very much in advance.

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    62 or vb6?

    obvious questions, but are you running .net or 6? and also, are you sure the DSN is set up properly?

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    Re: or vb6?

    thank you very much.
    I'm running Visual Basic 6.0 (Not and DSN is correct because my program runs well on OS 98 and 2000.
    I hope you'll give me countermeasure.

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