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    Unhappy Unanswered: Package question

    I have a question about package.
    Package are loaded in memory when one of this function is called.

    I want to load the package when the database is starting because we have a web site and the first time we connect to the site it takes long time because oracle loads the package in memory (the page calls a function of the package).
    So to speed up the first page I want to load package at the database's startup.

    Can anyone help me and give me an answer ?


    Glenn Prigent

    PS: sorry for my poor english i hope you'll understand what i have wrote.

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    exec dbms_shared_pool.keep('SCHEMA.PACKAGE_NAME');

    This will pin the object in memory. There is a way to do this at startup but I can't remember.

    I'll try to find it.


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