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    Unanswered: Backup Exec/SQL Server

    Anyone have any experience with Veritas Backup Exec and backing up your db's?

    This past week I noticed one of my servers HD's was almost maxed out 200 gig. The log file for one of the db's was 137 gig. So, I made sure the db was backed up (through Backup Exec) and I ran SHRINKFILE on the Trans-Log. Anyway, I guess what I want to make sure is that since I ran the SHRINKFILE, does anyone know for sure that Backup Exec will be able to completely restore the db? It kinda made me paranoid since I'm relatively new to this, and we're not doing the backups with SQL Server.

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    Re: Backup Exec/SQL Server

    You should not have a problem restoring. Backup Exec should just restore the backed up transaction log over the top of the current one.

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