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    Unanswered: HELP! Filter has 255 char Limit

    Hi All.

    I've got this really big filter that I'd like to assign to a subForm as a filter during run-time...problem is that the filter seems to only accept a MAX of 255 characters.

    I've built this filter string based on criteria selected by the user on the main form:
    ([Transactions].[Centre] NOT BETWEEN 546981 AND 546989) AND ([Transactions].[Centre] NOT BETWEEN 546595 AND 546599) AND ([Transactions].[Centre] NOT BETWEEN 548081 AND 548081) AND ([Transactions].[Centre] NOT BETWEEN 548050 AND 548050) AND ([Transactions].[Centre] NOT BETWEEN 548099 AND 548099) AND ([Transactions].[Centre] NOT BETWEEN 548098 AND 548098) AND ([Transactions].[Centre] NOT BETWEEN 548097 AND 548097) AND ([Transactions].[Centre] NOT BETWEEN 546343 AND 546343) AND ([Transactions].[Centre] NOT LIKE '57****') AND ([Transactions].[Centre] NOT BETWEEN 548041 AND 548049) AND ([Transactions].[Centre] NOT BETWEEN 222222 AND 222222) AND ([Transactions].[Centre] NOT LIKE '54***7') AND ([Transactions].[Centre] NOT BETWEEN 546936 AND 546936)

    The bottom of the main form has a subform...and it is in this subform that the results of the above filter should be displayed.

    Is there any way around this? i'm new to programming in access - so forgive the simplicity of my question.

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    Red face Re: HELP! Filter has 255 char Limit

    i figured out my problem....

    silly mistake!

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