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    Unanswered: Report Question: Printing to 2 paper bins

    I have a report that is quite long which groups by a client number. Most clients in the report just have one page of results that are printed, however some have 2 or more pages.

    If a client has 2 or more pages then I need to have the 2nd page print on stock paper instead of letterhead (which all of the one pagers print on)

    I have tried using the code below, as well as the more complex functions in PrtDevMode, but I run into a problem.

    With Reports(0).Printer
    .PaperBin = acPRBNLower
    End With

    Inside the onPrint Object I check to see if a client has two pages or not, and if so, I set the tray/bin with one of these methods, but the printer basically doesnt listen to me. It prints ALL pages on the printer specificed, if at all.

    I am guessing that the scope of the onPrint object is already past the point where I can change bins.

    So what is the best way to go through a report and delegate certain pages to certain paper bins, based on some simple IF critera?

    Thanks for any help you are able to provide.

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    Re: Report Question: Printing to 2 paper bins

    If you haven't considered this already, scan the letterhead and add it to the Report Header as an image of some kind.

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    That would work, except the first page has a perforation on it

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