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    Unanswered: Should I use ADO or DAO for an Access 2000 DB?

    I am creating an Access 2000 db that will have approximately 20 users, split db, front end on local computer and backend on a server, and probably with no to very little technical support after this project is completed. My question is which should I use ADO or DAO?

    I heard DAO is faster for Access. But I'm worried that in the future, they want to upgrade the database or upgrade Access then DAO won't work. Is MS really going to start to migrate to ADO?


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    a2000 supports DAO perfectly (except it does not set a reference to the DAO library by default)

    mr gates says you should convert to ADO. no doubt he will pull the plug on DAO sooner or later just to prove he was right!

    i'm sure that doesn't help.

    i just started rewriting a big a97 application from scratch in a2000 ...still messing with the user interface & help system and i didn't yet decide whether to learn ADO or not. my current thoughts are 51/49 % in favour of switching to ADO.

    comparative speed? no data since i don't (yet) know ADO.


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