Hello all. I'm running Access 2002 on a win2k PC.

I've put together a database that I'm using a switchboard (Tools -> Database Utilities -> Switchboard Manager) to navigate through different forms. It's basically a wizard built form with buttons on it that open other forms and reports that I've created. The problem I'm having is this:

I have a form connected to the switchboard. Within that form is a subform. When I open the form via the switchboard, the subform doesn't populate anything, not even the controls are visible. The only thing visible is the sunken in area where the subform is located. The main form and its controls show up and populate just fine.

Here's the kicker: When I open that same form from the main object page (where the tables, queries, forms, macros, etc are accessed from) everything works as it should, subform and all.

Has anyone seen this before that may know of a cause and (hopefully) a solution? Is this a known bug or something? A property I missed perhaps?