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    Unhappy Unanswered: sql autnentication

    I have two seperate servers - one is hosting the web application and the other is hosting sql server 2000. I am tring to make a odbc connection between the two machines to use dsn without sql authentication. i created matching user accounts on both machines and added the user to iis 5.0 as the anyonmous access. i still get an error though not a trusted connection. any suggestions would be apperciated.

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    are your users domain users or local users? The error of the trusted connection is caused by the fact that the sql server does not recognize the user you set up as a domain user.

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    This is one of the more annoying fixes that was introduced in Win2000. If you have the same username with the same password on two separate NT 4.0 boxes, they can communicate no problem. This no longer works under Win2K. Best bet would be to make a domain local account for these machines to share. Hope this helps.

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