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    Unanswered: Whati is Adabas? It isn't relational, right?


    Can anybody tel me what this Adabas is? It is NOT a RDBMS, like Oracle or Informix, right? Then what kind of DBMS is it? ISAM? Are there any CASE tools to do DB modelling for Adabas? For example ERwin and System Architect, will these tools generate Adabas schemas? Also is Natural a character based system? Isn't there a Windows based system from Software AG? Can one develop Adabas apps from say PowerBuilder, Delphi etc. using ODBC or any other data access method?

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    Yes. Adabas is from Software AG and it uses their own proprietary technology. It isn't RDBMS.

    More info:

    They come with their own 4GL such as Natural and Bolero.

    You can certainly use the other tools to build. But nothing beats using Natural if you are coding for Adabas.

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