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    Unanswered: Encryption in SQL Server2000/VB


    I have an application in SQL Server 2000 and VB as the front end. We want to encrypt the password for connecting to the database so that even the programmers will not be able to see it. Only administrator should know the password. A common db account will be used for connecting to the database. This password needs to be encrypted.
    Encryption either in VB or SQL server 2000 is fine.

    Is there a way? Thanks in advance.


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    I'm asuming u meant the password written in your codes.

    err I'm guessing...compile your connection parameter coding into a object file and call it in your vb?

    I know a way to encrypt ASP,vbscript thought, using Windows Script Encoder. You can find it in unser MSDN search.

    It not fool proof, but then again, I think it only encrypts script files.
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    Encrypt in VB.

    use VB to encypt...and have a dll to do this encryption and decryption...and embed this logic of encryption and put the password as well into this dll. Actually what i have done is, i have a file name config.txt which this dll accesses and retrives the password..and this config.txt is encrypted. And when user/developer put his password in the login dialog or any connection will be first sent to that dll and it encrypts that password and compares against the encrypted password in the file.
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    Re: Encrypt in VB.

    I have an easier solution. I developed an encryption function, and put them into an DLL. There is an "admin" executable, which shows the result of encryption, and I used the result as the real DB password.

    This DLL isn't availabe to the developer directly, but is used in the middle tier, which receives the original password from the developer, and connects to the DB with the encrypted one.
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