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    Unanswered: object privileges

    I made the following view:

    CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW ish.applview_PrimaryKeyElements AS
    SELECT table_name, as column_name
    FROM sys.col$ a, sys.ccol$ b, sys.con$ c, sys.obj$ d, sys.cdef$ e, sys.user$ f
    WHERE a.obj# = b.obj#
    AND a.intcol# = b.intcol#
    AND b.con# = c.con#
    AND a.obj# = d.obj#
    AND e.con# = b.con#
    AND c.owner# = f.user#
    AND = 'ISH'
    AND e.type# = 2
    ORDER BY, b.pos#

    Now I want to give, to a normal user who has almost no privileges, the select-privilege on this view. But therefor the user has to be given also the select-rights on all the sys-tables used in this view. Is there no other easy way to let the user see the view!

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    Re: object privileges

    The user does not have to have select rights on the underlying tables of the view - that is one of the advantages of views.

    However, the creator of the view (i.e. ISH) must have DIRECT select privileges on the underlying tables of the view, not via a role. I suspect this is your problem.

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