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    Red face Unanswered: Access 2000/Outlook 2000 - Users get Hung Up - Please Help

    I'm a newbie - I am trying to email a response to a user once they open a database that has the autoexec macro do a few transactions and then call a vba using SendObject to email the users comments and then quit out of the database. So far it works up until outlook opens and the message is ready to be sent.

    If the user presses 'send' - everything is ok - email is sent, life is good.

    If the user exits out of email - then they are Hung in Access
    1 - see msg that sendobject was cancelled
    2 - brought to blank access screen (I have hidden the dbase window as I would like to run this, send the email and exit the user out)
    3 - try to close Access and see message:

    "Can't exit microsoft access right now
    If you are using a Visual Basic Module running OLE or DDE you may need to interrupt the module. "

    Have to end the Task with ctrl alt del to get out.

    How can I stop this from happening? I would like to restrict users to the send button, or if clicking something else, exit out of Access. Ideas?

    I converted macros to vba:

    Function SeeMsg()
    On Error GoTo SeeMsg_Err

    DoCmd.SendObject , "", "", "", "", "", "Database Updated", "", True, ""

    Exit Function

    MsgBox Error$
    Resume SeeMsg_Exit

    End Function
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