I am running SQL server 2000 as a central subscriber with remote sites running the distributor and publisher (the remote sites are configured from the same image). I had issues when 2 distributor/publishers had the same name replicating to the central database. I changed 1 of the publishers @@servername using sp_addserver, restarted MSSQL service and re-installed replication. Everything works fine except for Replication Monitor in Enterprise manager does not show up. I guess EntMan doesn't recognize the server as a distributor anymore.

I added an alias in the network client tools and added a host file entry for the new name.

I deleted the server registration, added it back using the new @@servername, registered it by IP address, and by the computername. None of those things worked.

The new @@server is 15 characters and is in the following format

I dont know if that would make any difference. Any help would be greatly appreciated.