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    Unanswered: Indexed/primary key vs. none

    This should be very simple but I'm rather new to Access. Two tables, Student & Education. Both tables are related via unique field called ID#. Simple form called EdForm that uses a query combining Student & Education as its field source. Education is the primary table with EdForm only getting then displaying students name from the Student table.

    Problem is during data entry/add new record, if the Education table has its ID# field as its primary key or the field is indexed (w/no dups), when I enter the ID#, the fields for student name don't display. If I remove the primary key/index designation from the ID# field in the Education table, then the name automatically displays in the form as soon as I move off the ID# field. Why does it work without a key set & works when it doesn't?

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    I send for you and sample mdb in a zip file format, that contains something like you want.
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