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    Where should a Newby go?

    Ok, Heres the situation.
    You've got a newby that is familiar with computers as far as working most hardware issues. He does well working with Windows and fixin a lot of stuff nobody else in the office can.
    Now this guy is lookin for a new career, preferrably work with computer databases.

    The problem is that I.....I mean this guy doesnt know ANYTHING about programming databases or even what an SQL or a GUI is. (with the exception of seeing the term all over websites)

    The question. If you knew someone wanted to learn how to get into programming databases for a future job, what would you have him start out learning, or where would the best place to start be?

    I know it's pretty vague, but I figured this would be the site to ask. And any ideas would be useful.

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    i might get flamed for this, but get yourself a copy of mysql (available free at or access (available, well, you know)

    there's nothing like a little hands-on to get a feel for queries, tables, joins, primary keys, etc.

    second, or rather simultaneously, start reading tutorials

    here's one of the best: Introduction to Data Modeling


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