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    Unhappy Unanswered: Replication on multiple servers

    here what I want to do,
    1) transactional replication using two servers
    2)Configure one server as publisher and distributor
    3)Create publication on server 1
    4)Create immediate update push subscription on server 2
    5)I want bidirectional replication

    First three steps I have created successfully
    for step 4,
    I created a push subcription from server 1 on publication created in step 3.
    I am unable to find the option "immediate updating subscriber" in the wizard of creating push subcription.

    anyway even without this option I am unable to create the replication.
    in the replication monitor it is displaying as follows for the publication,
    Snapshot--------succeeded---------snapshot of 1 artile created
    Log reader------idle-----------------no replicated transaction available
    Server2:db2----Push----failed-----the process could not connect to subscriber 'Server2'

    what is missing?

    thanks in advance for your advice


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    Re: Replication on multiple servers

    There is one step missing in your Replication setup. You have to define 'Server 2' as a subscriber. And 'Server 2 has to be able to lookup 'Server 1' as a publisher.

    As far as setting 'Server 2' as updatable subscriber, you need to not only turn on 'Allow_Sync_Trans' in publisher, 'update_mode' has to be 'Sync Trans' in subscriber.

    One last recommandation, write script if you can.

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    I succeeded creating replication from Server1 to server2.
    The problem is Server1 is in one domain and Server2 is in seperate domain.
    the data is being replicated from S1 to S2
    the problem is when I add/update any record in S2 database then it gives error that,
    "Login failed for user sa"

    what should i do next
    which user account should I set up at subscriber i.e S2


    Q: One last recommandation, write script if you can.
    what do you mean by that, as I am using Enterprise manager

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    S2 is now defined as remote server (or link server) on S1.
    The authentification of S2 is made via windows logins. You shoul do one of the follwoing.

    1) Talk to your domain admin(s) and set a trust relationship between those two domains

    2) If you want to use the sa user to authentificate from s1 to s2, make sure that SqlServer on S2 is set up with MixedMode authentificatio, or will not work

    Good luck,

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    In BOL, under system stored procedure there is a section with all the system stored procedures you need to create or disable replication. Writing script gives you more control in the replication setup. You can start out using EM, but eventually you will find things that you can't do with EM.

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